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A/B testing the title of my guide to making successful social games

By on August 25, 2011

As you may remember, I am writing a book of short, sharp, single ideas to improve your online game.

Things like “Sex Sells: Use double entendres to drive sharing and clickthrough” or “Be generous: by giving away currency, you drive reciprocity, which will lead to high monetisation”.

My first name idea was 52 games idea bombs. Lots of people have commented that ideas that bomb are a bad thing. So this name has to go. I need to determine the final name by the end of next week. I’m going to use Google to do it, and I need your help.

  • GAMESbrief readers will suggest a bunch of names
  • I will pick the 4 or 5 I like best
  • I will run a series of paid Google ads with these titles. Whichever title gets the most clicks will be the title

So please can you help. Suggest, in the comments, via Twitter or by email if you’re shy potential names for a book of snappy ideas to drive acquisition, retention, monetisation and fun in your social game. Bear in mind that it won’t only be a book. I aim to make a calendar, some playing cards, commemorative mugs….

So time to step up: all suggestions welcomed.

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