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StarTrek Fleet Command has some pretty impressive retention numbers

By on July 26, 2019

It’s not often that I get a PR email containing an infographic that makes me sit up and take notice.

The mail I received yesterday from Scopely broke the mould.

Their MMO/strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command broke through $100 million in revenue only 8 months after its November 2018 launch. That’s pretty impressive.

Star Trek Fleet Command

Even more useful are some of the key metrics that they shared in their infographic.

  • 85% of players played 5 out of 7 days per week. In the F2P games industry, we tend to obsess about the first month retention curve. Supercell popularised the idea that you should had a D1 retention of 40%, D7 of 20% and D30 of 10%. But Scopely is looking at a different metric. It is focusing on the long term. 85% of players that often suggests a highly engaged player base, probably with great retention at D60, D90 and so on.
  • Average daily session length is 2 hours +. This is not a metric I try to increase in my work: I would rather that players came back more frequently than had extended sessions. On the other hand, this matches with the high level of engagement that Scopely has for its game.

I haven’t played Star Trek Fleet Command yet, but will check it out. (I always preferred the Star Wars universe to the Trek one). In the meantime, that’s an impressive feat for the development team. Well done, all.

The first 8 months of Star Trek Fleet Command

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