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Who is Nicholas Lovell? Medium Version

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I’m Nicholas Lovell, the founder of GAMESbrief. I’m the author of several books on self-publishing games in the Internet age, including the reference work How To Publish A Game, and a consultant for many companies who are seeking to overcome the challenges – and seize the opportunities – offered by the rise of online, mobile and social gaming.

For fifteen years, I have been involved in the overlapping areas of technology, media and finance. I have worked in the City of London in mergers and acquisition, held senior executive roles at digital start-ups ShopSmart and GameShadow, and started a financial consultancy for computer and video games companies, Lodestar Partners.

Today, I provide strategic and online marketing advice for clients who have included Atari, Channel 4, Channelflip, Dynamo Games, Firefly Studios (who recently self-published MMO title Stronghold Kingdoms), IPC Media, Rebellion, Square Enix and nDreams. (Have a look at some testimonials from my past and present clients.) I write for games trade publications including GamaSutra, the Wall Street Journal, MCV and Develop on a regular basis, and have also been published several times in Steve Jackson Games’ online magazine, Pyramid.

Games have always been a part of my life – and while some are fearful of the changes the Internet is bringing about in this business, I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future will hold. There has never been so much potential for bright, creative entrepreneurs to make their mark, and their fortune, in gaming. With GAMESbrief, my books, masterclasses and consultancy services, I want to help those brilliant developers to realise their potential, avoid financial and legal pitfalls, and build the games businesses of tomorrow.