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Client Testimonials

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Philip OliverPhilip Oliver | CEO, Blitz Game Studios

“I have known Nicholas for around 10 years and always found him very knowledgeable and a deep thinker in regards tovideo games business issues – particularly financial models. He’s extremely well connected and very personable. I hired him as a consultant in about 2004 and I was very happy with his advice and recommendations. I consider him a good friend that I meet up with at industry events. As well as creating GamesBrief, Nicholas is an expert speaker at industry conferences.”


Gill WhiteheadGill Whitehead | Director of Audience Technologies & Insight, Channel 4

“Working with Nicholas at GAMESbrief was an absolute pleasure. Not only is he a complete authority on his subject, but he brings creativity and instinct that really helped us match ideas with our organisation & culture.”


David GardnerDavid Gardner | Board Member, Atari

“I’ve used Nicolas to help advise me on Atari’s move into digital. His deep domain knowledge and historical exposure to corporates were both helpful in preparing board level discussions.”


Ben Tompkins | General Partner, Eden Ventures

“Nick worked with us on a number of games industry investment projects – knows the space really well and always has an interesting perspective to bring.”


Simon Protheroe | Online Publishing Director, Square Enix Europe

“I’ve worked with Nicholas on a number of projects over the years, most recently on a consulting project making use of his extensive knowledge and experience in new business models for the games industry. Nicholas is a creative thinker who’s always willingto challenge preconceptions (his or yours!) in search of new solutions and I’m very happy to recommend him.”


Colin Bell | GM, THQ

“Whilst at THQ we hired Nicholas to give tailored insight and training to the key staff at our studio (THQ Digital Studios UK). Nicholas has a broad knowledge and analysis in the field of digital games development and publishing, particularly self publishing. I would recommend Nicholas to any developer in order to get real and valuable insight into today’s digital economics that should form the basis of successful games design.”


Brian McNicollBrian McNicoll | MD at Dynamo Games

“I have worked with Nicholas at GAMESbrief and it has been an excellent experience. The advice and direction he has provided in terms of monetisation for our games is second to none, I would not hesitate in securing his services again.”


Jason KingsleyJason Kingsley | Owner, Rebellion

“Nicholas’ innovative, analytical, and thorough approach to these rapidly changing markets is very useful and I am happy to say that I have worked with, and paid for, his expertise, and will do so again in the future.”


Justin Gayner | Owner,

“Having been sceptical about using consultants, our initial concerns were soon blown away due to Nicholas’s rigorous, thoughtful and sophisticated analysis of our sector and business model. It helps enormously that Nicholas has got such terrific experience of all sides of the business world from finance, totechnology to start-ups. His work transformed the way we operate and crystallised our strategy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”