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[Video] Nicholas explains F2P Design Rule No. 3

By on January 30, 2013

The third rule in GAMESbrief’s Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games is “Come for a Minute, Stay for an Hour”. In this short video, Nicholas explains the rule – and how successful games need to marry both accessibility and depth in order to draw players in and keep them engrossed.

Don’t forget that you can read all of the Design Rules here on the site – or better again, pick up an expanded and more in-depth version of the rules as a Kindle eBook from Amazon.

About Rob Fahey

I’ve been writing about the business of games for 17 years, and have worked on, Eurogamer, VG247 and British newspaper The Times, as well as making appearances on BBC News, CNN, Sky News and others to discuss the industry. I'm the co-author, with Nicholas Lovell, of two of GAMESbrief's books: Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games and The F2P Toolbox. I'm also involved in product development for GAMESbrief - books, Surgeries, Masterclasses and other ways for us to help you make the most from your game and your business.