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Game Development never ends: Free to play design rule 15

By on November 14, 2012

F2P-design-rules-thumbA game is never done. The hardest part of making a free-to-play game is finding an engaged audience for your experience. Once you have got those customers, keep offering them more. Use metrics, creative leaps, intuition and good old-fashioned listening to keep them playing, sharing and spending.

All games will eventually come to an end. Even World of Warcraft’s servers will be switched off one day. Zynga has retired many games which no longer have enough customers to justify the maintenance costs. In the meantime, give your players hours of enjoyment and great experiences. They will thank you by coming back to play, by telling their friends and by giving you money.

Which is what all game creators want, right?

This post concludes the free-to-play design rules series. Now read the rest and buy the book!

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