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A consulting session with Nicholas is exhilarating, intense, exciting and terrifying

James Huggins, Managing Director, Madeinme

Nicholas Lovell is one of the most in-demand consultants in the games business, with a client list that includes some of the industry’s biggest publishers and developers as well as media companies and promising start-ups.

His focus is on helping companies to understand how to adapt to the new business models which are essential for making money from games and media in the Internet age. His clear, practical understanding of self-publishing and making money from games can help your business to face the challenges of a tough new era.

Please note: Nicholas is not taking on many consulting clients right now.

Nicholas’ innovative, analytical and thorough approach to these rapidly changing markets is very useful and I am happy to say that I have worked with, and paid for, his expertise – and will do so again in the future.

Jason Kingsley, Owner, Rebellion

With a ten-year background in finance, Nicholas also brings an in-depth understanding of topline growth, operating margins and cashflow – which he couples with an unrivalled knowledge of the games business. If your company wants to figure out how to engage with games and where to invest, his expertise is invaluable.

As well as his finance background, Nicholas has been CFO and CEO of two start-up companies, has raised money for global multinationals and over £100,000 in angel funding for small businesses. Along with running GAMESbrief, he provides strategic advice for several other firms and is on the board of nDreams. His recent clients include Atari, Channel 4, Square Enix, Channelflip, Eden Ventures, Firefly, Huddle and Rebellion.

To find out more about Nicholas’ consulting availability and rates, please contact us directly.