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Who is Nicholas Lovell?

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Nicholas Lovell helps people make successful, profitable video games. Following a career financing media and technology companies in the City of London, Nicholas switched to game design in 2008 when he launched, a website dedicated to the business of games. His focus is on Free-to-Play and Games as a Service, which he explored in his books The Curve, aimed at a general audience, and The Pyramid of Game Design, aimed at game developers.

He is currently Game Director at Electric Square, working on an unannounced mobile game, following roles on Hot Wheels id and Forza Street. Other companies he has advised include Firefly Studios (Stronghold Kingdoms), CCP (Eve Online), Bohemia Interactive (Vigor) and many others.

Nicholas graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Modern History (although the latest period he studied ended in 1100), loves sailing and has dabbled in writing pirate-themed roleplaying supplements for Steve Jackson Games.