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The Curve

How do you make money when everything is going free?

The Curve is free, expensive and everything in between. It is a revolutionary new way of doing business; embrace giving some things away for free, use the internet to forge direct relationships with a global audience, and take people on a journey from freeloaders to high-spending superfans.

‘An astute and perceptive guide to the new rules for making money in a radically disrupted internet economy.
This book deserves to be a hit.’

David Rowan, WIRED

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Ten Ways to Make Money in a FREE World

Free is coming. We all know how artists and are at risk from filesharing; now digital manufacturing and 3D printing mean that no industry is immune. But the same technology that enables easy piracy also offers a huge opportunity: artists and businesses can share what they do at low cost, while building relationships with fans.
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