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Gamesbrief sale – for one day only!

By on December 7, 2012

As we announced earlier in the week, today we’re holding a one-day pre-Christmas sale on all of GAMESbrief’s books – all discounted to their lowest prices ever. If you’ve been eyeing up a copy of How To Publish A Game, or pondering picking up Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, today is definitely the day to grab your copy.

Here’s what we’ve got on offer –

How to Publish a Game

75% off, for one day only!

How To Publish A Game – up to 75% off!

How To Publish A Game is Nicholas’ comprehensive guide to game publishing in the digital age, covering absolutely everything you need to know in order to leap into the world of self-publishing. This isn’t a book about preaching to the choir or telling you things you already know about where the market is going – it’s 200 pages of solid, practical advice for getting self-publishing right. [Click here for more information.]

eBook edition: Normally £99 ($149) – today only, £25 ($40)!
Print edition: Normally £149 ($249) – today only, £59 ($95)!

Click here to buy now – your sale price will be shown at the checkout!


Design Rules for Free to Play Games – free!

Our latest book, Design Rules for Free to Play Games is a succinct guide to designing free-to-play games that reap financial rewards with free-to-play mechanisms that revolve around respecting the audience and getting them to love your game. We think these are really important guidelines for the future of the industry – it’s been a big hit on Kindle, and for one day only, it’s completely free to download! All we ask is that you leave us a review on Amazon, to help us boost awareness of the book.

Kindle edition: Free today! [get it now at Amazon]


GAMESbrief Unplugged: 50% off!

Collecting some of the best and most important editorial from the first two years of the GAMESbrief blog, these handsome paperback editions are packed with background reading about the industry turmoil that has resulted from the emergence of mobile, social and casual gaming and the rise of free-to-play. Now you can pick up both volumes for their lowest price ever!

GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 1: Normally £14.95 – today only, £7.47! [buy now]
GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 2: Normally £14.95 – today only, £7.47! [buy now]


About Rob Fahey

I’ve been writing about the business of games for 17 years, and have worked on, Eurogamer, VG247 and British newspaper The Times, as well as making appearances on BBC News, CNN, Sky News and others to discuss the industry. I'm the co-author, with Nicholas Lovell, of two of GAMESbrief's books: Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games and The F2P Toolbox. I'm also involved in product development for GAMESbrief - books, Surgeries, Masterclasses and other ways for us to help you make the most from your game and your business.