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Announcing our new book series

By on December 2, 2014

Today we’re launching something that might be familiar to some of you, and new to others, plus something brand new.

We’re bringing three books to our Kindle store today. Gamers and Makers on the Edge, Freeing Games and The Social Puzzle, which together make up a series of books called Gamesbrief Unplugged. They are curated collections of Gamesbrief posts containing Nicholas’s insightful analysis of market trends that began with the disruption caused by Facebook and smartphones.

Until recently, the first two volumes of Gamesbrief Unplugged were available as physical books. We decided earlier this year that they would be much better with the convenience of a Kindle experience. So we’ve relaunched these first two volumes along with a third volume, The Social Puzzle, a brand new Gamesbrief Unplugged volume that nobody has seen beforeAll these relaunched versions have been re-edited by Zoya Street to bring their contents into context for readers in 2014.

They delve into what the biggest disruptions of the past few years meant, and reflects on how the industry was beginning to respond to them. These trends continue today, and key parts of the book have been brought up to date to reflect more recent events, such as the implementation of the UK’s video game tax credits.

Last year, the Gamesbrief Unplugged books got a great review:

I recommend [Gamesbrief Unplugged Vols. 1 and 2] to anybody considering getting into the games business, especially as an independent developer with no publisher backing: a choice that Lovell thoroughly advocates. I’ve currently lent the book to someone else who, as a gamer with no intention to move into the business of games (as far as I know), has commented that they’re surprised at how much they’re enjoying it.

For years, Gamesbrief has been delivering insight into how the changing landscape of the industry affects your business strategy. This series collects together a recent history of the industry so that you can understand the major trends that have brought sweeping change to the world of games development.


Gamers and makers on the edge - Nicholas LovellGamers and Makers on the Edge

In Gamesbrief Unplugged Vol. 1, a series of curated blog posts look at how and why more people than ever before are playing and making games – and what kind of challenges they face.

Freeing games - Nicholas Lovell

Freeing Games

The past few years have seen an explosion in free-to-play gaming. This collection of blog posts from Gamesbrief over that time explores how free-to-play has changed the industry.

Social Puzzle, The - Nicholas Lovell

The Social Puzzle

In 2008-2011, the games industry was changed forever by new platforms such as Facebook. Available for the first time, this book is a collection of analyses of these changes as they happened.

About Gamesbrief

Gamesbrief is a blog about the business of games. We look behind the headlines to tell you not just what is happening to games, but why it matters to your business.