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How To Publish A Game

How to Publish a Game

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Practical advice to make you money

With 200 pages jam-packed with examples, illustrations and how-to guides, How To Publish A Game is a practical and logical guide that’s essential reading for anyone who wants to make money from videogames.

Written by GAMESbrief founder and respected games business consultant Nicholas Lovell, the book will give you a clear idea of how the roles of marketing, finance, sales and distribution work in games publishing, and how to effectively implement them – or outsource them – as a self-publisher. You’ll learn how to use “free” to get users and make money, how to retain your players and how to drive traffic to your game.

No matter what area of games you’re working with – mobile, social, free-to-play or indie development on traditional platforms – this book will show you how to make money.
How to Publish a Game

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Alice Taylor | Commissioning Editor, Channel 4

Nicholas Lovell is a deep knowledge specialist: he has all the data and insight you’ll need on the subject of how to do business in the emergent and ever-evolving field of social and online gaming. From microtransactions to marketing, he’s got it covered. Highly recommended.


Sean Kirkegaard |

How to Publish A Game is THE book to buy (and read) if you are planning to go indie and produce your own games empire. This comprehensive playbook covers everything you’ll need to know, from funding sources, to marketing, to business models and more.

How To Publish A Game

Digital Edition – £99 ($156)
Hardback Edition – £149 ($234)
Hardback copies include a free copy of the ebook version.
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Table of Contents

Testimonials 3
Foreword by Dr. Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO 5
Introduction 6
About me 7
About Gamesbrief ( 7
Contents 8
Chapter 1: How to Publish a Game 12
What is a game? 13
Games as a product 14
Games as a service 16
Is that it? Six types of game? 18
Chapter 2: The key roles of a publisher 21
What does a self-publishing developer need to know? 39
Chapter 3: Becoming a publisher 41
Does a developer always need a publisher? 41
So which skills should I focus on? 43
Chapter 4: Determining your business model 47
Making money 47
The eight ways to make money from a game 47
Are you Viral or are you Monetised? 70
Which business model should I choose? 72
Chapter 5: The power of free 74
If free is so great, why have we always charged so much for our games? 75
Why publishers are doomed 77
Why is free so successful? 78
If you’re not free, you’re competing with free 80
Is free the only option? 80
Chapter 6: Distribution 84
Maximise your routes to market 84
Distributing PC, mobile and console games 85
Distributing Flash-based games 87
Hosting your own game 89
Conclusion 94
Chapter 7: Sales 96
Billing 96
Advertising 100
Conclusion 109
Chapter 8: Marketing – An Introduction 110
Marketing games as a product 110
Marketing games as a service 111
What are you trying to achieve? 114
Chapter 9: Marketing – Feeding the funnel 122
Acquiring customers 123
Using social networks 126
Press and Public Relations 135
The power of virality 139
Feeding the funnel conclusion 142
Chapter 10: Marketing – Designing your website 144
The five great website design mistakes 145
Designing a website: before you start 151
Conclusion 153
Chapter 11: Finance 156
Sources of finance 156
Revenue 156
Funds 161
Banks 173
Venture capital and private equity 174
How to raise money 177
Finance conclusion 180
Chapter 12: Putting it all together 184
Feedback 186
Acknowledgements 186
Resources 187
Useful links 187
Notes on links 188
Bibliography 190
Blog roll 190
Softography 190
Glossary 192
List of Illustrations 194
Tables 194
Figures 194
Index of Lessons Learned 195
Index 196


“We’re a console developer transitioning to the digital model, but how much could we learn from GAMESbrief’s insights and observations of the online business models? Turns out quite a lot!
Working with GAMESbrief widened our perspective from the physical goods model and helped us understand what traditionally seemed illogical (free) makes a lot of sense in the right circumstance.
Whatever your current business model, there are lessons to learn from GAMESbrief’s insight and analysis.”

Colin Bell, General Manager, THQ Digital Studios UK (formerly Juice Games)

“Publishing games is not as challenging as developing them, but that doesn’t mean that publishing is easy. There are many facets: marketing, distribution, sales, etc. and each of these areas requires real insight and effort to do well.
In the new world where publishers are nothing more than banks and should be avoided if at all possible, it’s crucial for developers to ensure that they have a handle on *all* of the work necessary to effectively publish their games. There’s a lot of information out there, but never before has it been collated into one volume that centres specifically on the business of publishing games.
Nicholas’ considered and well researched book really is publishing 101 – essential for those experienced in self publishing and those just starting out. It doesn’t contain all the answer, but, more importantly, it does contain all the questions.
I don’t traditionally buy e-books as I’m concerned that the content won’t be relevant or I can find the data elsewhere, but I can genuinely say that this publishing guide is well worth the price tag.”

Mark Morris, Managing Director, Introversion Software

How to Publish a Game

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