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GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 1

Read this book for a biting analysis of the games’industry’s most burning issues as it gets knocked from pillar to post by digital transition and the pressure of free content.

Inside, you will find out:

Why there has never been a better time to be game developer
Which ten companies are doomed to failure
How video game tax credits are short-term gain for long-term pain
Why EMI’s decision to enforce copyright over a parody of Empire, State of Mind was stupid
All these questions and more are discussed with brutal frankness by Nicholas Lovell, author of the acclaimed GAMESbrief blog.

This is Volume 1 of GAMESbrief Unplugged: an edited, curated collection of the best of GAMESbrief, covering copyright, politics, taxation, and opinions on everything from microtransactions to why games don’t cause rickets.

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