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GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 2

Nicholas Lovell helps companies make money from games, understand emerging platforms (including Apple’s iOS, Google Android, browser-based, online) and navigate new business models.

In this second volume of Nicholas’s provocative and incisive analysis, you will learn:

How ngMoco, Jagex and Bigpoint built businesses worth hundreds of millions on the power of free
How in-app purchases can transform your business’s revenues and profits
How a company with $100 million of venture backing went bust, and how to avoid their mistakes
What new online business models mean for hardware manufacturers, retail and traditional publishers

If you want to ride the wave of online games, weather the transition to free and become a successful, profitable games business, you need to read this book.

“GAMESbrief’s analysis of why Realtime Worlds collapsed should be required reading in all startups. It is at ours.”

– Rodolfo Rosini, CEO, Namaste


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