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Five essentials when launching your first Android game

By on October 16, 2012

For this week’s guest post, Deputy Editor Zoya asked Leslie Moniz from mobile advertising company Jumptap what give pieces of advice she would give to a mobile developer releasing their first game for Android.

1: Get lots of reviews

Even if you have your friends start out with reviews first, make sure this is the most important task in launching your game.

2: Make sure your game is small enough to run on the 3G network

Do not require the user to play your game on only Wifi. If you do, you will limit your reach of users.

3: Do not be afraid to collect hardware IDs.

This will be your only way to make sure you are seeing what your users are doing who have downloaded your application and the one of the best/most effective  ways to optimize your campaign when working with networks.

4: Find the right network partners

Make sure when acquiring new users, you are utilizing the right network partners: ones that provide scale and have been submerged in the ever-evolving mobile space. If they’re a large network such as Jumptap, Millenial, AdMob, etc., you can probably guess they have the experience of quickly adapting to change – they are unlikely to have any sort of down time and holding your games back from scaling or getting exposure.

5: Buy real users

When working with a Cost Per Install network, make sure you ask the network the percentage of users that actually take action (making in-app purchases, opening your app, etc.) after being incentivized from their partners. Let’s say you purchase users from a CPI network, and you spend $.50 to acquire 5k users.  That $.50 could end up costing you almost triple, because the user may just download your app because they are incentivized to get to another level within a game. After they get to the next level, a majority of the time users will delete your app and not take any action within your game or even open it. Do your research to get the best value from your acquisition spending.

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