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Do you still want to GAMESbrief BLOG posts via EMAIL?

By on October 6, 2011

I’m about to throw the switch on my new email system. It means that I am moving some subscriber lists around, and trying to make sure that only people who want to get GAMESbrief vie email get it. (You can also subscribe via Twitter, RSS and, if you must, on Facebook).

Visit the GAMESbrief surgery

About half of you have already transferred your email subscription across. This is your last chance.

And, due to popular demand, I’ve also added a weekly digest, delivered every Friday at 14.30 London time.

So if you want to keep getting GAMESbrief via email (or if you fancy a weekly email), just enter your email address into one of the boxes below. I’ll keep your addresses safe within GAMESbrief.

I hope that you choose one of these two options.

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Subscribe to GAMESbrief’s weekly update

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