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My tweets from #Noah10

By on December 16, 2010

Noah is fast becoming the must-attend Internet conference in Europe. Set up by former Lehman banker Marco Rodzynyk, it gets very senior executives and venture capital/private equity houses together in the London Hilton.


I am sufficiently busy that I’m not sure I will have time to write up the event. So instead, here is a recap of my tweets from the event.


  • 50% of girls on dating sites want to meet other girls
  • Bado 45% female users, 90% male payers
  • Bado calls itself "social network + traditional marital dating". Sounds like a place where married people go for casual hookups

A Russian ecommmerce company whose name I didn’t catch

  • Russia’s ecommerce company uses it’s own delivery network. 80% of payments are cash on delivery.
  • This Russian ecommerce business was founded in Russia the day the press release of the Amazon launch came out
  • 45% of Russian population is already online, but only 14% of them have bought anything online


  • For a moment, I thought Softonic said "Our developers have special needs". He didn’t.
  • No revenue figures, but 50% profit margin for Softonic
  • Softonic are presenting. Why have I never heard of them? Not big in the UK? Not big in games? Me not paying attention?


  • Bigpoint sees 10% conversion at each stage: Uniques -> Registereds -> Actives -> Payers -> Heavy users
  • I must thank Nils Holger Henning of Bigpoint for the very simple price/demand curve. It is the heart of the thesis of my new book
  • 10% of users spend money inside a game, says Bigpoint
  • Bigpoint sells over 1,000,000,000 virtual items every day. That’s quite a lot
  • In last 12 months, Bigpoint has grown reg users 60% to 160m and Peak Concurrent Users from 250k to 1m


  • @hut_v Ogone doesn’t run shops to take money does it? Is it prepaid cards? Vouchers? etc
  • I’ve never heard of Orbitz (apparently one fo the big 4 travel sites). Am I out of touch?
  • $4.0 billion in online revenue was lost to fraud in 2008 (fell to $3.3 billion in 2009)
  • @alanodea Credit cards and epayments were the two other categories. So it could be direct debits and cheques, but not credit cards
  • Germans want to pay using "traditional methods" says Ogone CEO. I have no idea what traditional methods are
  • 80% of UK consumers want to pay with credit cards online; in Germany the equivalent stat is 30%


  • In Latin America, many users don’t have mains power. So they go to phone shops just to recharge. Hence don’t like smartphones
  • Latin America will be a mobile led region. Looks like they may never get broadband "On average less than 5% of apps get used 20 days after download" That’s a design problem. Game makers, this is yr opportunity
  • The #noah10 crowd seem absolutely clear that mobile is *the* key future of the Internet

Klaas Kersting of Gameforge

  • Thanks to Klaas Kersting for quoting me: "if you are making iPhone games without In-App Purchases, stop wasting your time"
  • 4 trends: In-App Purchase, Cross-platform Gaming, Real Social Games, Location based
  • Klaas bigging it up for the free-to-play business model on iphone. #noah10 34% of top grossing apps are free-to-play
  • I like the description of Pay per Game -> Par Per Time -> Pay per Engagement
  • Three Lady Gaga spambots in three minutes. The dark side of good social media strategies
  • @bonzrat If I were less busy, I’d ask about your stringer rates
  • By 2013, online games revenues will represent 40% of the global gaming market, says @klaaskersting. Higher margin too.
  • GameForge has €120m annual revenues. Is that the first time that figure has been released?


  • It’s not a technology race. It’s a customer race. Sony and Microsoft really ought to take note.
  • Lovefilm believes that, finally, games consoles are delivering on being the entertainment hub in the home. V positive.
  • Lovefilm prefers subs to microtransactions. Is the difference about selling "access to content" versus selling "status/emotion"?
  • Lovefilm argues that people who join Lovefilm go to the cinema more (claiming a causal relationship)
  • RT @benjrooney: Lovefilm has 170,000 films (or maybe it was 70,000) – all but 160 are on someone’s wish list


  • Amazon’s best advice: Develop customer habits with free stuff. Give stuff away that encourages customers to spend time with you
  • Great example of using free stuff to motivate a tribe for LadyGaga. That anecdote will be hugely useful for my book. Worth coming
  • Ecommerce is actually *more* concentrated amongst fewer retailers than offline retail. Warning bell for regulators?
  • i.e. not really a long tail. There is less of a long tail of stores in the virtual world than in the physical world
  • Third long tail is Stores. Top 10% of ecommerce sites in UK have 36% of all shopping visits. 40% of visits are beyond 100th site
  • "If most of your customers are a little bit quirky, you will disappoint all of them some of the time" says Amazon
  • Long tail by users: 70% of Yahoo Music users have 10% of their favourite songs outside the top 50,000. #noah10 <- that’s amazing
  • Nope, the long tail is about finding people who like your niche, and will spend it. It’s about being profitable at smaller scale
  • had a meeting this week which suggested people think the long tail is about longlife for your blockbuster
  • Amazon doesn’t release long tail data, but 3rd parties suggest 37% of Amzn’s sales are from books outside the top 100,000 #noah10


  • Google says that for every $1 of online spend, you generate $12 of offline spend. Hmm.
  • How will net neutrality survive the impact of that level of video growth. Video is exponentially more bandwidth hungry than HTML
  • There are 2 billion videos streamed on YouTube every day. By 2014, 90% of web traffic will be video
  • My analysis: Implies a more powerful EPG, less powerful broadcasters, less geographical split, good news for format creators
  • Google believes this implies that the future of television is driven by search, like mobile internet usage is driven by search
    • YouTube is only 5 years old, and has half a billion video searches every day

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