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Help needed again please

By on August 6, 2010

GAMESbrief is about to go through a revamp. It started two years ago as an experiment in whether I would write regularly and whether anyone would want to read it.

Two years later the answer to the first is a resounding yes (644 posts and counting). Pleasingly, the answer to the second is also a resounding yes, with unique users ranging between 10,000 and 30,000 a month (largely depending on how much I mention Farmville).

So I am going to restructure the site. the content will be the same but instead of everything except the latest story disappearing below the fold, I will show a lot more content on the home page.

It will all be recategorised. Classic favourites like Analysis and Opinion. A self-publishing section covering Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Finance. Useful information including Resources, the Game Over Zone, Events and Service Providers. Guest Posts.

But there is one category I haven’t got a name for. It’s the section that covers everything else. Humourous posts like The truth about pitching to publishers. Administrative ones like this one. Short posts like Why publishers don’t care about boycotts.

And I don’t know what to call that category. If this was a sailing site, I’d call it something like “Bosun’s Locker” or “Flotsam and jetsam” or “Scuttlebutt”. My gaming jargon has deserted me. I can’t think of anything.

So in true crowdsourced style, please help. What should I call my catch-all, important category?

Answers on a postcard (by which I mean in the comments box below) please.

About Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas is the founder of Gamesbrief, a blog dedicated to the business of games. It aims to be informative, authoritative and above all helpful to developers grappling with business strategy. He is the author of a growing list of books about making money in the games industry and other digital media, including How to Publish a Game and Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, and Penguin-published title The Curve: