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How much does the UK government spend on games?

By on September 21, 2009

The UK government has just released figures showing that the nine Regional Development Agencies have invested nearly £2 million pounds in the development of the games industry in England (and I mean England, the figures don’t cover Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland).

RDA funding to the computer games industry


Advantage West Midlands


East of England Development Agency


East Midlands Development Agency


London Development Agency


North West Development Agency


One North East


South East of England Development Agency

South West of England RDA

Yorkshire Forward



* AWM has provided £800,000 of support to develop the Serious Games sector
** SEEDA and SWERDA don’t have specific game programmes, so could not provide data

I’m intrigued to know where this £2 million is going, and whether it has been effective. If you’ve received some of the money, do let me know.

But more broadly, is £2 million enough? Do you think that the government should be investing directly into risky games companies at all – perhaps that should be left to the capitalist economy?

Please, tell me your thoughts in the comments. I’d really like to hear from you.

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