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  • A vote to give the people say over the terms of Brexit.

    I don’t usually put political stuff up on GAMESbrief. In fact, since I’ve been active as Design Director of Electric Square for most of this year, I haven’t been posting much at all. That will change soon,...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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  • Do you hate the NHS?

    This is an installment in Mark Sorrell’s regular guest post series. See the full series. I just got back from Finland. It was the Pocket Gamer Connects conference in Helsinki and, since Finland is the Graceland of...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Video games and riots

    This opinion piece is part of a regular series of posts I am writing for Gamasutra. Here I examine the role that video games play in society, and look at how “games as propaganda machines” played into...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Pre-order GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 1

    In early March, I am going to publish the first volume in my GAMESbrief Unplugged series. During the past two years, I have written 200,000 words on GAMESbrief. I’ve gathered, edited and tidied up some of the...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • If you believe in Internet freedom, you should hate the DDOS attacks in defence of Wikileaks

    I don’t think I have seen a more stupid bunch of freedom fighters. In defence of Wikileaks, an organisation that calls itself have launched Distributed Denial of Service attacks of the basic infrastucture of commerce on...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • Seven reasons why the Coalition rejects tax credits for the UK games industry

    I am not a fan of special pleading for an industry. I would prefer a government to work to make Britain a more favourable environment for all entrepreneurs, not just games ones. I’ve written my arguments on...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • We have won the battle

    I have just been reading the debate in the House of Commons about tax breaks for video games. It is a surprisingly interesting debate, with contributions from David Hanson (Lab Delyn), Jim McGovern (Lab, Dundee West), Stewart...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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