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A vote to give the people say over the terms of Brexit.

By on July 3, 2018

I don’t usually put political stuff up on GAMESbrief. In fact, since I’ve been active as Design Director of Electric Square for most of this year, I haven’t been posting much at all. That will change soon, I promise.

But ten days ago, I went on a march for a People’s Vote, demanding the right for a meaningful vote (either in Parliament or by the people) once the terms of the final deal with the EU are known together with an option to stay in the EU. I expected about 10,000 people. The organisers say 100,000 attended. The Metropolitan Police say, on the grounds that both Pall Mall (capacity 200,000) and St James Square (capacity 100,000) people were full, that it is nearer half a million.

People's Vote Campaign

Personally, I believe it is likely to be too late to reverse Brexit. But I have to try. There is a sliver of a chance. And if you aren’t able to march, one thing you can do is to sign the petition. We voted Leave because a small cabal of anti-EU people never gave up, spreading poisonous rhetoric for decades.  Now Remain supporters must also not give up, spreading a positive message about being part of a one of the four major powers (the EU, the US, Russia, China), about the joys of freedom of movement, about the economic benefits of being in the largest free-trade zone in the world and about how influence (and, yes, our sovereignty) is enhanced by being a rule-maker not a rule-taker in a globalised society.

So please, consider signing the petition at

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