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PC advertising revenues already $800 million, say PC Gaming Alliance

By on March 24, 2009

The PC Gaming Alliance has published a report saying that the PC is the biggest platform in the world, worth almost $11 billion.

Well, they would, wouldn’t they.

Nevertheless the report, commisioned by the organisation that was created to champion the PC gaming platform, was written by DFC Intelligence, has some interesting insights. I found the table based on 2007 data (and reproduced below) fascinating. In particular:

  • Asia dominates the PC market, and 98% of that revenue is from online (including subscriptions, digital download payments and advertising)
  • Global PC-only ad-revenue was $792 million in 2007. That’s a much bigger number than I was expecting
  • Europe is a bigger market for PC in all areas except in-game advertising.
Retail $1,231 $1,898 $58 $80 $3,267
PC Online revenue $776 $860 $134 $2,999 $4,769
PC Digital Distribution Rev. $450 $569 $120 $783 $1,922
PC Ad revenue $222 $170 $42 $358 $792
Total $2,679 $3,497 $354 $4,220 $10,750

You can download The PCGA Presents: The PC Gaming Industry in 2008 here.

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