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$140 CPM for ad-sponsored games. That’s pretty aggressive.

By on May 28, 2008

Wild Tangent CEO Alex St. John declared at a recent conference that in-game advertising is dead.

Long live in-game advertising.

His primary point is that interrupting the player during a game is disruptive, not fun and extremely difficult to track effectiveness. Without effective measurement, advertisers aren’t biting.

WildTangent have switched models. Users get the choice of whether to pay for a game or to watch a 30 second clip from a sponsor. They watch the ad while the game downloads into their browser.

WIld Tangent claim to be getting $140 CPM for this activity. $140 per thousand plays of the ad. That’s a hugely high number. I have to imagine that is not the effective CPM across the whole site, just the best rates they ever achieve, but either way, it’s a fantastic achievement.

I have to agree with them: browser-based games where users can play for free seem to be a great way of drawing a wider market into gaming, and Wild Tangent appear to have created a model that works.

Which is good news for the industry, because their model is replicable, and we can all start finding ways to monetise free browser games.

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