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Infographic: cross-platform gamer habits

By on September 20, 2013

Arkadium has conducted a modest research study on the habits of ‘cross-platform gamers’ — people who play on Facebook and mobile. The results are detailed in the infographic below.

A great deal of attention is given in the infographic to social play, but the results still suggest that less than half of ‘cross-platform gamers’ have ever tried a game based on word-of-mouth recommendations. To put that in Pyramid and Funnel terms, social play might have more to do with a catchy retention game than filling the top of the funnel with new users.

When it comes to monetisation, the results are also quite surprising: they suggest that people are more likely to spend money on mobile than on Facebook. This might mean that the high drop-off rate for mobile payments is becoming an ever more pressing issue.

This data is based on the self-reported behaviour of 1,500 adults polled by PeanutLabs.


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