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How much should I spend on acquisition? And other new benchmarks

By on June 1, 2012


GAMESbrief is collecting key performance indicators for its spreadsheet benchmark pages. This month has been a great one for CPAs and conversion rates – the newest ones are listed here. If you spot any KPIs for our spreadsheet pages, let us know!

CPA, CPM etc.

  • Positech, CPA of $0.50 for visitors who spend at least one minute on their site (Source: Twitter)
  • Bjorn Loesing, CPA of €1-5 for ‘real users’ who log into the game (Source: Twitter)
  • Fiksu’s cost per loyal user index has average CPA for a mobile user opening an app at least three times at $1.30 for March 2012, after reaching an all-time high of $1.81 in December 2011

Conversion rate

  • SuperData reports that the average conversion rate across the social games industry has increased to 2.5% in 2012, from 1.4% in 2011. (Source:
  • AI War, Arcen Games: 15% lifetime conversion (source: Cliffski’s blog comments)
  • Zynga: 4.4% (Derived from MUUs/MUPs. Source:
  • Hattrick, 14% (Source:
  • Temple Run, Imangi Studios: 1% lifetime conversion (source: GAMESbrief)

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