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Spilt Milk Studios Development Diaries: Publishing and Marketing an iPhone game

By on August 19, 2011

Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios is sharing his experiences in game development with GAMESbrief. In the past few months Spilt Milk Studios have developed, tested and launched the game Hard Lines for iPhone and iPad, all the while spilling every last detail to GAMESbrief. All of his posts to date are collected here, so for a first-hand account of the ins and outs of indie self-publishing and marketing without a AAA budget, click on!

18: Christmas Roundup

17: Tale of Tails

16: Long Days

15: Freedom Part

14: Part Man, Part Machine

13: Bite of the Apple

12: Hundreds and Thousands

11: iPad HD and Free App a Day

10: Marketing Marathon

9: The Power of Twitter

8: How to turn an iOS PR disaster into an opportunity

7: Launching an iPhone game

6: Hard Lines hits the App Store

5: Trailing Behind and Submission Holds

4: The Name of the Game

3: Beta Path to your Door

2: Diversification

1: In the Beginning There Was Tron

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