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50 VC questions: the list

By on November 11, 2010

Together with Nic Brisbourne, I’m writing a guide to raising money entitled 50 questions you should ask when you raise venture capital.

This is intended to be a collaboration. Not just between me and Nic, but between us and you. It started because we both feel that a gulf exists between investors and entrepreneurs: a gulf of understanding. We want to bridge that gulf.

I have embedded below the 50 questions we plan to answer over the next 50 weeks. We want your help. Let us know if this covers everything you want to know. What more would you like to understand? What’s missing?

And please, don’t let your contributions stop there. Please comment on our posts, share your experiences, call us out if you think we are wrong. The more of you who contribute, the more valuable this resource will be.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will note that there are only 45 questions listed here. We’ve left five empty. Something is bound to crop up.

The 50 questions

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