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GAMESbrief Nominated for Games Media Award

By on August 13, 2010

This is a guest post by freelance narrative designer, Tom Jubert. Check out his blog at

The man is too modest. Nicholas has been running GAMESbrief for a little over 18 months now, an endeavour which began as an occasional opportunity for him to shed some light on industry goings on and has developed through the incorporation of guest posters, a steadily growing set of high ranking industry and consumer followers alike, and the recent release of his How to Publish a Game.

Today, GAMESbrief is both the go-to resource for those demanding not just industry news, but informed analysis; as well as being a one stop shop for those in need of advice in the world of game publishing. It’s with great pleasure, therefore, that I can note the site’s shortlisting for Best Blog at the 2010 Games Media Awards. Nicholas will be up against stiff competition from couldn’t-be-more-different reigning category champion, VG247, as well as Ready Up, Daily Girl Attack Panic Super – HD Remix, the Guardian Games Blog, and personal obviously-second-favourite, Rock Paper Shotgun. You can find the full list of nominations at MCV.

The GMAs will be held at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, on Thursday, October 14th. Let’s wish Nicholas and GAMESbrief the very best of luck.

About Tom Jubert

Tom Jubert is a freelance games writer / narrative designer, best known for his work on the Penumbra series, for which he was nominated for a Writers' Guild Award. His upcoming releases include Lost Horizon and Driver: San Francisco. He was previously the Managing Editor at, and has also spent time in production.