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GAMESbrief is changing

By on May 21, 2010

Regular readers will know that I am about to publish my ebook, a 200 page guide called How to Publish a Game. It’s due out on Tuesday 25th May.

It will mark a transition for GAMESbrief.

GAMESbrief logo

I’ve been writing GAMESbrief for about 18 months now. It’s been fun. My posts have got shorter, quicker to write and, I hope, more interesting. But they’ve been reactive. I’ve been responding to events with analysis. And I want to change that.

More accurately, I want to add to that. I want GAMESbrief to become THE resource for anyone who wants to publish a game.

That may mean existing publishers who want data and knowledge about PSN, Facebook or iPhone.

It might be AAA console developers wanting to invest their meagre profits into self-publishing a game they are passionate about rather than making a prototype and hawking it around to the dwindling number of global publishers.

Or it might be one guy (or girl) with coding skills and a cool idea who wants to release it on the iPhone or Facebook.

I want to help them all.

I won’t stop writing analysis, but I might start focusing a little more on statistics, analysis and insight that will help people publish their games digitally. I will publish a bit more about sales, marketing, distribution and finance.

In short, I’ll be adding practical advice to my theoretical analysis.

I hope you like the change over the coming months. Please tell me what you’d like GAMESbrief to offer by writing in the comments.

And if you think this is a terrible idea, now is the time to shout.

About Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas is the founder of Gamesbrief, a blog dedicated to the business of games. It aims to be informative, authoritative and above all helpful to developers grappling with business strategy. He is the author of a growing list of books about making money in the games industry and other digital media, including How to Publish a Game and Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, and Penguin-published title The Curve: