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Treasure Isle from Zynga goes from zero to 24 million players in less than a month!

By on April 29, 2010

If anyone needed any convincing that Zynga is the undisputed champion of social games, their new game, Treasure Isle, provides all the evidence you need.

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It was launched at the start of April. As of yesterday, less than a month in, 24 million people had played it.

Last 28 days user data for Treasure Isle
Source: AppData

That is nothing short of astonishing. The game has gone from zero to the 5th most popular game on Facebook (and the 7th most popular app overall) in the blink of an eye.

This must be both heartening and terrifying for people trying to make social games.

Heartening because it shows that it is still possible to break new IP with massive success on Facebook.

Terrifying because Zynga knows how to do this better than anyone. If they like what you do, and decide to make a game that is similar to yours, you should be very, very scared.

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