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$100 million pumped into iPhone devs by VCs

By on July 2, 2009

Is this a goldrush or a sensible investment?

Moconews reports that over $100 million has been invested in iPhone businesses in the past two years.

Games are the second largest category (both by # of companies and dollar amount invested), with 22% of the total investment going into games businesses. (It looks as if the figures are US only).

But the question is whether the days of easy money for investors are already over. I believe strongly in the smartphone market (of which iPhone is only a subset), but with a crowded Appstore and over 50,000 apps now available, the odds of achieving a break-out hit are getting worse.

I hope that there will be some major successes, but I also hope that the field starts to thin out, as companies realise that developing for iPhone is not a panacea: it’s hard work. just like every other business.

(Original data sourced from ChubbyBrain)

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