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Social Games get proper games designers – Eric Lindstrom of Tomb Raider fame joins SGN

By on April 3, 2009

In a sign that social games companies are taking gameplay design ever more seriously, SGN has hired Eric Lindstrom as Chief Creative Officer.

Lindstrom was creative director and principal designer of Tomb Raider Underworld and story designer, screenplay editor, and co-writer of Tomb Raider: Legend.

According to the SGN website, the ompany has generated “ten million downloads of its suite of games on the iPhone and iPod Touch and more than one million game players per day across multiple social networking platforms including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo.”

This is a key development for social games as a designer of a traditional, core game like Tomb Raider makes the leap to the social/mobile gaming world. Hopefully, this will lead to deeper and more compelling games on both platforms.

(Via InsideSocialGames)

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