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Revealing stats from the indie developer of Dapple for iPhone

By on March 11, 2009

Owen Goss, indie iPhone developer, runs a fascinating blog over at

Yesterday, he posted a detailed post on the sales figures from his first iPhone game: Dapple.

As an indie developer, Owen estimates that he needs to sell 9,150 units to cover his costs (including his time) of approximately $32,000.

His post shows the sales curve (or rather spikes) of the first few days, and show sales of 131 copies in the first 24 days. Owen’s post is interesting and informative, and I highly recommend it for any aspiring iPhone developers.

And I guess that if you do find it useful, the least you could do is buy a copy of Dapple.

UPDATE: Owen got slashdotted yesterday, leading to a massive surge in traffic (but less so in sales). More surprisingly, he reports a deluge of mail (much of it negative) based on his supposed desire to get rich quick. It seems deeply undeserved, and I very much hope it doesn’t stop him from publishing his blog.

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