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Finblade’s Chasey argues mobile developers are abandoning J2ME too fast

By on March 4, 2009
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Over at, John Chasey, founder of IOMO, Finblade and Metismo, has argued that developers are making a mistake jumping from J2ME to iPhone too quickly.

John draws a parallel with the transition from PSOne to PlayStation 2, when publishers abandoned the old format and jumped to the PS2, which still had a much smaller installed base. In fact, in 2000, PSOne outsold the PS2 in 2000).

He argues that the publishers putting big bucks behind major titles for a new platform with a small installed base lost money, while “the few publishers still supporting the first Sony platform cleaned up.”

His advice: “don’t ignore the iPhone, but don’t abandon the many other viable mobile platforms out there.”

Smart advice, I’d say.

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