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Google to make getting ads in your games simple

By on August 12, 2008

Venturebeat reports that Google is nearing a release of its in-game advertising platform.

This is fantastic news. Google is the master at making setting up and installing revenuie-generating code in your websites simple – I’ve used Adsense for the web in many locations, and putting it in place is simplicity itself: you paste the code where you want it to appear; Google indexes your site and shows context-relevant advertising on it. That’s it. It’s really simple (you can see an example at

Google also has a habit of giving away lots of free tools to enable you to make the best of its advertising platform. For example, its analytics software is extremely sophisticated and completely free. If they bring this mentality to the games industry, the opportunity for independent and smaller studios who fall below the radar screen of Massive, IGA or Double Fusion will be huge.

So bring it on. I’m very excited.

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