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Another successful Develop Conference

By on August 1, 2008

I’ve just returned from two days in extremely sunny Brighton at the Develop Conference.

The conference is a great gathering place for UK development with a fantastic range of luminaries and senior developers. It remains, for me, one of the pre-eminent networking events for developers in the UK.

Highlights for me included:

  • Attending the Develop Industry Awards (thanks to Rebellion for the seat)
  • Discussing the merits of arriving at the conference by sailing boat with David Braben
  • Being bought beers by MCV and Kuju in the early hours of Wednesday morning
  • Having constructive meetings with a dozen potential clients.

Lowlights were:

  • A Hilton hotel deli ham and cheese sandwich, which would have disgraced a 1970s corner shop
  • The underpowered air conditioning at the Awards
  • That I failed to talk to lots of people I wanted to see, because there were so many of them

I understand that as many people attended the first two days as attended the whole event last year, so congratulations to Andy Lane and his team at Tandem Events for a great conference.

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