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Gamejacket offer new revenue model for casual games

By on July 21, 2008

Gamejacket is a new company that offer an innovative way for casual games developers to generate revenue.

Developers upload the game to GameJacket and get back a wrapped file. That wrapped file is freely distributable and hosted on the GameJacket servers. When the game is played, GameJacket’s delivers ads around it (they are a little unclear as to whether this is pre-roll, post-roll or in a box alongside the game), and they guarantee a CPM of $0.50.

It could be a very interesting service for casual developers, particularly of Flash games. However, major portals may be wary of a title that relies on hosting on third party servers, and with display advertising budgets under pressure, it is a tough time to launch such a service.

But it’s good to see new and innovative ways of helping casual games developers generate revenue from their titles.

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