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Using games as a marketing tool

By on June 27, 2008

For those of you whose games development life doesn’t involve buying and selling ads, be grateful. It’s a thin-margin and high-intensity business which, while vital, can be both overwhelmingly busy and soul-destroying.

So kudos to Intergi, a advertising sales house which sells ads for Sony Online Entertainment, K2 and Maid Marian, among others, for acknowledging the pitfalls of this, and making a humorous game out of being a media buyer.

I came across Intergi when I was CEO of GameShadow, and they sold some of our advertising space. (If you are looking for someone to sell advertising on your site, you should consider contacting them, and telling them you found them on this blog.)

This game is short, and it won’t keep you playing for ever. But it raised a smile from me on a rainy Friday afternoon and I would hope it would do the same for a harrassed media buyer.

It strikes me as a smart, savvy and entertaining way of reaching buyers – and emphasising Intergi’s credentials as someone who gets games.

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