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A $50k IOS game grossing $1m per month

By on April 25, 2012
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Have you heard of Design This Home? I hadn’t.

But it’s in the top 5 of the Top Grossing Apps in the UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland, with 300,000 DAUs and is “set to gross $1m per month worldwide”.


Not bad for a game made by three full-time team members and a cost of around $50,000.

I’m not sure how they got to the position, but the company has other apps with a total of 10 million installs, so I’m guessing that there was a heavy element of cross-promotion from other apps. If you you know how they grew, do let me know.

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  • What’s interesting is that the model is very similar to a web game that was called ‘my mini life’ which was bought by a company called Zynga 😉 The game engine and team turned that into Farmville, I think most have now left Zynga so I wonder if they’ve any involvement

  • I wonder why such games do not have APIs for external developers to add things into that…

  • You see the popularity of games like The Sims and Simcity etc people have always loved the ability to create things from scratch.  To attempt to model something that they want.  No one ever builds their own house they always build what they want in the future.  Its a form of escapism and aspiration in its truest sense.

  • You should get to understand these mugs… sorry players… because they’re the players who spend significant money on low budget iOS games.

  • GetLastError

    Looks like they are using the same old Zynga formula.
    I never understand people who play such games…

  • Guest
  • Jionn

    I know they advertised in Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs, there was a popup asking to download Design this home.

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  • UK and ireland both have a ton of people who aspire to own a house but are stuck. maybe the game name taps into that desire to fiddle with what sort of house they would like? I bet if you made a game where you could configure and tweak your dream car, it would do well 😀