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E3, sailing and dolphins

By on July 8, 2010
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For me, the 2010 E3 ended with a splash.

And dolphins. Lots of dolphins.

Together with Patrick O’Luanaigh (CEO of nDreams / @patrickol) and Ed Stern (Brink guru / @edstern), I took a Beneteau 34 sailing in Santa Monica Bay.

Being LA, there was nowhere to stop, so we tacked up to Malibu Beach, turned around to run downwind towards Redondo Beach for the afternoon and then beat our way home.

We had the most amazing dolphin sightings. A school of at least 20, and possibly 30 animals, kept us company for 15 minutes, in amongst the pelicans and sealions. Patrick had his trusty iPhone handy and recorded the two short segments below (apologies for the thumb, and for the unrestrained whooping – a friend of mine is convinced that dolphins are exhibitionists who respond well to clapping and cheering, so I’ve adopted his strategy).

Given that both E3 and GDC take place near prime sailing locations, I’m considering making a GAMESbrief sailing trip a regular thing. Let me know if you think this is a good idea. (I’m making no promises, mind).

E3, Los Angeles, sailing and dolphins

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  • Nicôle le Strange

    Wow, how fantastic! I'd absolutely love to do this – do count me in if a) I go out to GDC next year and b) you have another sailing trip!