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Treasure Isle from Zynga goes from zero to 24 million players in less than a month!

By on April 29, 2010
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If anyone needed any convincing that Zynga is the undisputed champion of social games, their new game, Treasure Isle, provides all the evidence you need.

Play Treasure Isle on Facebook

It was launched at the start of April. As of yesterday, less than a month in, 24 million people had played it.

Last 28 days user data for Treasure Isle
Source: AppData

That is nothing short of astonishing. The game has gone from zero to the 5th most popular game on Facebook (and the 7th most popular app overall) in the blink of an eye.

This must be both heartening and terrifying for people trying to make social games.

Heartening because it shows that it is still possible to break new IP with massive success on Facebook.

Terrifying because Zynga knows how to do this better than anyone. If they like what you do, and decide to make a game that is similar to yours, you should be very, very scared.

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  • Almost all the games of Zynga are popular, because they are for all ages, user-friendly, and accessible even you have a low spec computer you can play their games.

  • March

    My friend Jed is also a gamer. He is really good in many different types of videogames. It was a good thing that he has a dvd duplication drive in his laptop. I was able to get a copy of his self- made collection of game walk through.

    Included among the list of walk through that he has made, is the walk-through for Treasure Isle. Using the walk through with tips and tricks, Treasure Isle game has become more entertaining game for me.

  • Thanks, Stan. I agree that churn is a key issue. We'll be able to watch a little for Treasure Isle and see how quickly DAUs peak. Certainly Zynga is expert at driving traffic from its existing sites, so we'll need to see how sticky it is.

    Watching DAU/MAU will be pretty key over the next few months.

  • Stan Beremski

    I wonder what the churn rate on Weekly Average Users. If net WAU is positive and growing but churn rate is high then it could mean that “Treasure Isle” might have problems ahead as it isnt retaining its users.

    Never played the game so I cant't say if its just another clone with great marketing or if it is actually offering something new that will attract loyal players.

  • Absolutely, David. WIth 84 million Farmville users and 200 million total users (un-deduped, but still), they have an amazing headstart.
    But evern so, that's a great tie ratio for old users converting to a new game.
    It does push Zynga more into the terrifying camp than the heartening one, though.

  • Wouldn't quite a bit of this come from having a huge audience already in place and cross-promoting games?