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£25k innovation prize for games ‘on the move’

By on June 4, 2014

This news might be interesting to readers based in the UK: IC Tomorrow, in partnership with Ukie, will be awarding a £25k prize for a proposal on the theme of ‘games and interactive entertainment on the move’. The winner will also receive assistance putting their proposal into effect and testing it in partnership with relevant organisations.

Particular areas of interest seem to be novel applications for the latest hardware trends, among other things:

Possible areas which applicants might wish to consider include creating digital technology and content that:

  • enhances the experience and increases demand for games and interactive entertainment on the move whether on foot or tied to specific modes of transport
  • facilitates more innovative ways of using current technologies such as location/GPS enabled technology, wearable-tech, haptic feedback, cloud enabled gaming, (motion) sensors, geo caching, augmented reality and virtual reality
  • helps to make interactive entertainment or games that are played on the move while exercising or when traveling more engaging or educational.

The deadline for applications is 29th July, but there will be briefing events in the interim. Detailed briefs, guidelines, and timetables are available on the website.

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