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The Curve: how the videogames industry is showing how to make money when everything is going free

By on February 20, 2013

I’m deep in the drafting of my next book, The Curve, to be published by Penguin in October 2013.

One of the things that I believe in doing is in testing my ideas, theories and arguments in front of a live audience before I finalise how I explain what I believe. It helps me adapt my message so that it resonates with the audience and, in particular, helps me understand where I am not explaining things well or where readers, listeners or viewers can receive a different message from the one I am intending to transmit.

To that end, I travelled to Montreux to give a 15 minute talk on The Curve to an audience of event professionals at their EMEC 2013, their annual conference. They recorded the talk, and you can now view the fifteen minutes on Understanding the Curve on their website.

It features Elite, Double Fine, David Braben, Tim Schafer and Trent Reznor. If you watch it, any feedback would be gratefully received.


About Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas is the founder of Gamesbrief, a blog dedicated to the business of games. It aims to be informative, authoritative and above all helpful to developers grappling with business strategy. He is the author of a growing list of books about making money in the games industry and other digital media, including How to Publish a Game and Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, and Penguin-published title The Curve: