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Gamesbrief Advent sale this Friday!

By on December 5, 2012

How to Publish a Game

For more advice on monetising your games, buy How to Publish a Game

Do you want to get How to Publish a Game for just £25? Well then we have an early Christmas present for you. This Friday we’re running a one-day sale from 00.00 EST (that’s 5am GMT). It’s 50% off Gamesbrief Unplugged, 75% off How to Publish a Game in digital form, and the Design Rules eBook will be free for a day!

Drop in to the store on Friday to take advantage of our generous little holiday sale and get our shop products at these prices:

How To Publish A Game:

eBook version – 75% off – £25
Print version – 60% off – £59

GamesBrief Unplugged: Volume 1

Print edition – 50% off – £7.47

GamesBrief Unplugged: Volume 2

Print edition – 50% off – £7.47

Design Rules for Free to Play Games:

Free – but please leave us an Amazon review!

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