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Last chance! Get 50% off How To Publish A Game

By on September 13, 2012

At the start of September, we sent an offer out to GAMESbrief‘s email subscribers, giving them a chance to buy Nicholas’ hugely successful guide to self-publishing, How To Publish A Game, at a 50% discount. We’ve had a great response to the offer, and word has clearly got around – this week we’ve had several queries from people who’ve heard that the book is on sale, but couldn’t find the discount code on the site.

That’s because it wasn’t here, since this was originally designed as a special promotion for our email subscribers – but it’s only fair to give other readers a chance to pick up the book using the same discount.

The discount code is HTPAGSEP12, and you can either use it at the check-out, or just click on the links below to claim your half-price copy. Be quick – the coupon expires on September 15th, so you’ve only got until the weekend! (In order to see offers like this early in future, make sure you subscribe to our email updates.)

Buy the Digital (eBook) Edition: Was £99 ($156), Now £50 ($78)!
Buy the Print Edition: Was £149 ($234), Now £75 ($117)!

How to Publish a GameNot sure if How To Publish A Game can help you or your business? Check out some of the feedback we’ve received for the book…

“Nicholas’ considered and well researched book really is publishing 101 – essential for those experienced in self publishing and those just starting out. It doesn’t contain all the answer, but, more importantly, it does contain all the questions. I don’t traditionally buy e-books as I’m concerned that the content won’t be relevant or I can find the data elsewhere, but I can genuinely say that this publishing guide is well worth the price tag.”
(Mark Morris, Managing Director, Introversion Software)

“How to Publish A Game is THE book to buy (and read) if you are planning to go indie and produce your own games empire. This comprehensive playbook covers everything you’ll need to know, from funding sources, to marketing, to business models and more.”
(Sean Kirkegaard,

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