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How much are Tablet users spending on Virtual Goods? ABout $62

By on May 14, 2012

Magid Associates have released their latest gaming trends research (although 10 minutes of Googling and I still can’t find the original. I’m relying on’s write-up).

The key stats that leaped out at me:

Where are the active gamers (%age playing games on a platform in a week):

  • 50% played console games at least once a week
  • 44% played mobile games at least once a week
  • 37% played social games
  • 24% played handheld games

Where is the money on new platforms?

  • Tablets: The average tablet gamer downloaded 20+ apps last year, and 23% of them are paying for virtual goods, averaging $62 per spender
  • Smartphones: The average smartphone gamer downloading 10+ games last year and 14% of them are paying for virtual goods, averaging $25 per spender.

Note that these appear to be “self-reported” numbers, which can be very unreliable.

More details over at

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