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The Perils of Pandering to a Publisher

By on February 14, 2012

I just opened up Triple Town on Facebook for the first time (I’ve been playing on iOS) since developers Spry Fox partnered with publisher Playdom. I was immediately greeted by this cross-promotion bar across the top of the page.


The implication, to me at least, is that my favourite developers SpryFox, also made Sorority Life. And Find Wheelbarrow. Which seems unlikely, not least because it is not true.

I can’t fault Playdom for this. We all know that the secret of success on Facebook is cross-promotion, and I imagine that this is their standard cross-promotion bar.

I think it’s more damaging for SpryFox. In the digital era, there is nothing more important than building and serving a tribe. The tribe that loves Triple Town is unlikely to be the same tribe that loves Sorority Life.

I understand why Dan and David signed up to Playdom. But this cross-promotion jarred with me. I wonder how many other SpryFox fans felt the same.

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