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ChannelFlip gets Acquired by Shine Media, and one of my Black Swans comes good

By on January 6, 2012

In a tweet this morning, Yoel Flohr, head of business development for Shine Group, announced that the company had acquired Channelflip.

Channelflip is a next-generation online video producer and broadcaster. It makes short-form video content for the web including shows such as David Mitchell’s Soapbox and Richard Hammond’s Tech Head.

It also works with brands to make content and with content makers to make more money from their YouTube channels.

I’ve worked with Justin Gayner and Wil Harris since their early days of the company. Channelflip was one of my “Black Swans”, a company in which I have an equity stake which is risky, but with potential for a great payoff. I’m delighted that Wil and Justin have found a new home (alongside social game developer Bossa Studios too) at Shine.

And I think we should all watch out for Shine. TV production companies are in a much better place to benefit from the digital transition than TV broadcasters, and Shine’s recent acquisitions make a lot of strategic sense to me.

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