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10 conference talks in 5 weeks – come join my gruelling schedule

By on November 9, 2011

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I’ve been a little bit mad. I’ve agreed to ten conference talks in the next five weeks. The good news is that if you follow GAMESbrief and like what I say, you have a pretty good chance of hearing me speak if you are attending a games-related conference in before the end of the year.

Here is my schedule. Please do come and listen. And if you’re going to one of the conferences, let me know in the comments and hopefully we’ll catch up in person.

You can also check out my events schedule to see where I am likely to be speaking on a regular basis.

My November/December conference schedule

November 10th – London Games Conference

I’ll be talking about The Digital Transition: The Winners and Losers and in a terrifying an exciting development, the conference venue has Who Wants to be a Millionaire-style voting gizmos at every seat. Let’s see if I can get any of the many industry luminaries attending to agree with me.

November 10th – PwC on valuation

I’m talking to PwC’s Valuation group on my views on valuation, mainly my perspectives as a former banker, investment analyst and web entrepreneur.

November 11th – On the Job or In the Book

Subtitled Five Short Lectures on Knowledge vs. Practice in Publishing Today, this evening event has five people talking about the future of the book publishing industry. I’ll be talking how about free, piracy and how to make money in a digital market. (A ticket only costs £7).

November 15th – Social Gaming Summit

My talk is entitled “26 minutes: 26 ways to make money from your game”. It was originally intended to be a promotional talk for my book “52 Game Design Secrets”. I guess it will have to be a preview instead.

November 15th – Social Gaming Summit

At the Social Gaming Summit, I’m also moderating a panel on “Investing in Virtual Goods Businesses”, with investors David Gardner of London Venture Partners, Davor Hebel of Fidelity and Khaled Helioui of TA Associates and entrepreneur Ilkka Paananen of Supercell.

November 19th – Browser Games Forum

I’m speaking in Frankfurt (actually Offenbach) on another preview of 52 Game Design Secrets. The title is 20 Games Ideas Bombs and I aim to make it 20 different ideas to the ones I’m sharing at the Social Gaming Summit.

November 24th – Develop in Liverpool

My talk, entitled Whales, True Fans and the Ethics of Free-to-Play apparently “has controversy written all over it.” Come and see the bunfight. Polite heckling welcome.

December 5th – Futurebook

The title of my talk is not yet confirmed, but I’ll be talking about power-laws, whales, the future of entertainment and how to make money in the world of free. It’s a conference aimed at the book industry, so I’m hoping to bring a little gaming glamour while also explaining how games are leading the way in making money in a digital world.

December 6th – GameConnection Paris

I’m talking about Metrics, benchmarks and buckets of money. It’s a talk designed hand-in-hand with the GAMESbrief free-to-play game spreadsheet, so should be practical as well as thoughtful.

December 7th – GameConnection Paris

I’ll be giving a masterclass on “How to Make Money from Social Games”, after recent successful courses in London and Dublin. The title I’ll be using is Key ingredients for a successful social game and how to build a profitable, sustainable audience

December 14th – Osborne Clark Interactive Entertainment Summit

This is an invite-only event to discuss the burning issues in the games industry in 2012.

* * *

Those are just the events I’m speaking at this year. I hope also to go to Evolve in London and the TIGA mobile, handheld and tablet event later this month. I had hoped that was the end of it for a while, but I’m speaking, moderating panels or chairing something at Digital Content Monetisation, Cloud Gaming Europe and the Mobile Games Forum in January 2012, plus I’ve just submitted a panel on the ethics of free-to-play at GDC in San Francisco.

It’s a wonder I ever get any work done.

Do come along and say hello.

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