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  • Heroes and Zeroes–were my 2011 predictions right?

    At the London Games Conference 2011, I was asked to predict 4 heroes and four zeroes in an era of digital transition. With LGC 2012 just round the corner, where I am going to come up with...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Spilt Milk Studios Development Diary 16: Long Days

    Delays can be blamed on the busy October/November calendar for anyone in the games business who values going to shows and conferences. Not only was there the Eurogamer Expo a few weeks back, but more have cropped...

    • Posted 12 years ago
    • 3
  • The digital transition–Who is a hero and who is a Zero

    If you’re reading this as it is posted, I should be taking the stage at the London Games Conference to convince 200 gaming industry bigwigs of the companies that I think are going to be winners or...

    • Posted 12 years ago
    • 19
  • 10 conference talks in 5 weeks – come join my gruelling schedule

    I’ve been a little bit mad. I’ve agreed to ten conference talks in the next five weeks. The good news is that if you follow GAMESbrief and like what I say, you have a pretty good chance...

    • Posted 12 years ago
    • 5
  • London Games Conference 2011

    Title: London Games Conference 2011 Location: One Wimpole Street, London Description: Nicholas Lovell will present special audience-voting sessions on the companies winning in the digital revolution, and the changing expectations of consumers in a digital age, at...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Five key gaming events of 2009

    I can’t make it to all of them, I’m speaking at three of them, but these are the key events between now and the end of the year.

    • Posted 15 years ago
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